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EFX Avio is an Italian reality, born from the twenty-years experience of Emiliano Ferretti, founder of the company creator of the innovative engine with Paramotor, Mini hang gliders, Minitrike, PPT (Powered Paraglider Trike), Ultra-light flight.

Passionate about ultralight three axis flights, during the years he has traveled several itineraries: for small to long trip, flying over various locations throughout Italy

Well know and appreciated by operators of the sector for the experience and professionality gained in years of work on the ground and in flight, for years Emiliano Ferretti is one of the main character of the Coupe Icare, the annual free flight festival helded every autumn between Saint -Hilaire and Lumbin, in south-eastern France, unmissable event for all the appasionate of paragliders and hang-gliders.

As well as for technical skills, costant training and know how gained, Efx Avio is stands out in the paramotor industry for the planning, effectiveness and efficiency of the solutions. The EFX 3.0 project marks a veritable new era for sports flying. An innovative idea, designed for flying and high altitude lover.

Here are its four main characteristics:

  1. Forced air cooling
  2. Less space
  3. Lighter for the weight / power ratio
  4. thermal group facing right

Find more about efx 3.0 engine potentialities .

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