Efx Evo as Evolution: the new engine with clutch

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EFX AVIO is attentive to the demands and needs of flight enthusiasts with paramotors, mini hang gliders, minitrikes and PPT (Powered Paraglider Trike), therefore it has decided to expand the range of products and evolve the EFX 3.0 engine into EFX EVO:
this new version is equipped with a centrifugal clutch which, in addition to facilitating start-up with flash start, allows performing all operations on the ground without having the propeller moving.
The basic qualities and characteristics are not lacking, such as:

  • forced air cooling which guarantees the engine a temperature that is consistently low under a 160 ° spark plug at full throttle, which allows the high altitude to be reached fluidly without intermediate steps and prevents overheating and consequent wear and seizing of the piston,
  • the position of the thermal group facing to the right, which in any case maintains an excellent balance, allows for less wear on the piston which pushes the cool and lubricated part opposite to the exhaust port in the ascent phase, increasing its reliability and reducing maintenance costs; while the Walbro WB37 carburettor is mounted with the pump downwards to avoid gasoline leaks inside the engine to prevent flooding of the same.

The EFX EVO engine is available with starting:

  • manual
  • electric
  • hybrid (manual and electric)

To know in detail all the peculiarities of this product, download free data sheet.

If you have a question or want to get more information, don’t hesitate to send us an email to our address info@efx-avio.com.

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